Ceramic Matchstick holder- Strike on side- tri-color - small jar- NEW!!


This mini match striker jar was thrown on the potters wheel using Beige stoneware. hand poured over with white porcealn slip on top half and black porcelain slip on the bottom half. glazed in white over the white porcelain and left exposed on the rest of outside to expose the natural clay bodies. strike anywhere on the un glazed side of the jar and the match will light!
These Multipurpose pots are great for small plants such as mini orchids or succulents and also make great candle holders!

*works with "Strike anywhere" matches
*Food and dishwasher safe

Height 2"
Width 2"

*Due to popularity of this item it sells out fast! please note that it can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.


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What a great, creative and beautiful way to hold and light wood matches! Have it right next to my favorite candles!! Highly recommend this shop!!